Available nationwide in your favorite locations.

ChargeItSpot cell phone charging stations provide a dependable charge for your phone no matter when or where your battery runs low. Find a ChargeItSpot location near you, charge up and get on your way.

Why ChargeItSpot

Phone Charging Stations?

Free Phone Charging

for Consumers

  • Free phone charging when your battery runs low.
  • Safe and secure lockers - worry free.
  • No more carrying cables, or sitting by the wall – freedom!
  • Mobile app alerts you to nearest charging station when your phone battery is low.

Charging Stations

for Business

  • Delight your guests.
  • Draw traffic into your store.
  • Increase dwell, conversion, and
    basket size.
  • Capture valuable CRM data.
  • Gather consumer insights via survey

Charging Stations

for Brands

  • Increase brand awareness by providing cell phone charging to your audience at a critical time of need.
  • Engage consumers with on-screen and SMS messaging.
  • Fully customizable look and feel.
  • Capture valuable client leads.


No data is accessed. No credit cards are needed.
And our software and secure locking chambers
ensure that only you can access your phone.

No data is

No credit
card is

in the US with
high quality

Durable lockers, airtight security.

Centrally monitored
and controlled 24/7.

Adheres to top
safety standards.